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Last Updated: Saturday, 13 December, 2003, 11:24 GMT
Couple find Iron Age coin hoard
A hoard of Iron Age coins have been unearthed by a couple from Kent who could make thousands of pounds from the find.

Peter and Christine Johnson, from Sittingbourne, sparked a massive dig when they discovered some coins on farmland near Maidstone using a metal detector.

The couple contacted Kent County Council and as a result more than 360 coins and coin fragments, dating from the first century BC, were dug up.

It is thought the coins may have been left in the field by members of the Cantiaci tribe which gave their name to the county of Kent.

When I looked on the internet and saw 150 BC my jaw dropped - I just could not believe it
Peter Johnson
The hoard could be worth thousands of pounds, according to the council, which is keeping the coins in its safekeeping until they are sent to the British Museum for analysis.

A council spokesman said an inquest would determine whether the find was classified as treasure and, if so, the value would be divided between the Johnsons and the landowner.

It was the first time Mr and Mrs Johnson had been allowed to use a metal detector on a field.

They only realised the significance of the find after Mr Johnson did some research on the internet.

He said: "Some of the coins were joined together in a strip and I thought they were tokens from a shield.

"When I looked on the internet and saw 150 BC my jaw dropped - I just could not believe it.

"I scanned several sites and found they were from the Cantiaci tribe."

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