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Mystery WI writer reveals herself
Calendar Girls
'Anything goes' after Calendar Girls, a Kent headmistress says
A head teacher from Kent who has written an anonymous column for a magazine for years has revealed her true identity.

Hilary Moriarty writes "Not the WI Diary" for Home and County magazine, which takes a humorous look at The Women's Institute.

The headmistress of Bedgebury School is now putting her columns into a book.

She said the project became easier with the recent Hollywood success of the film, Calendar Girls.

'Anything goes'

She said: "Absolutely anything goes after Calendar Girls.

"There's nothing quite as dramatic, although I have actually used Calendar Girls.

"Every now and then the writer in the current diary will say something like 'well, who do these calendar girls think they are - we've got people with far better bosoms in our institute'."

She added: "When I was first asked to do the column, I sent in three or four sample chapters and the editor I was working with at the time sent them all back and said 'there's too much sex - can you please tone it down a bit?'

"I told her that was what people were interested in and she answered 'not us' and I said 'oh yes'."

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