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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 October, 2003, 16:18 GMT
Fast trains 'could transform port'
Folkestone's once-busy port currently lies empty
Fast trains to London through the Channel Tunnel could transform Folkestone and Boulogne into major passenger ferry ports, tourism chiefs have said.

Talks were held on Wednesday between tourism bosses from the two ports about how the twin towns could benefit from Eurostar trains on the new high-speed rail link.

Fast trains are already set to revolutionise working life by slashing the journey time from Folkestone to the capital from one hour and 40 minutes to just 57 minutes.

Commuter Bruidette Williams said: "I am thinking about working in London in the future - half an hour off the journey, when you normally have to take an underground as well, will be highly beneficial."

It is also hoped the fast trains could transform Folkestone, where the once-busy port lies empty.

Representatives from Boulogne who met tourism chiefs in Folkestone discussed the possibility of reintroducing a passenger ferry service between the two towns.

Boulogne's head of tourism, Luc Tussard, said: "It is a good opportunity - a train plus a ferry service is the best thing that could occur."

Graham Barlow, General Manager of Discover Folkestone, said: "The CTRL service, if it stops at Folkestone, would help people who live in this part of Kent.

"The idea is that it would make the area a more attractive place to live - and so more attractive to developers and operators.

"There would be more people living in the area who would use the different services such as the ferry link. It would be a larger town. There would be a broader audience and more potential users."

Passengers may lose out on Link
10 Apr 03  |  England

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