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Families united by grief remember blast
Bomb victims
Polly Miller suffered burns in the blast that killed new husband Dan
Two Kent families united by grief are taking part in simultaneous events on different sides of the world on the first anniversary of the Bali bombing.

Felicity Miller, whose son Dan was killed in the blast, is one of the organisers of a church service at St Martin's In The Fields, London.

At exactly the same time in Bali, Sue Cooper, who lost her brother, will be attending an event on the island.

Dan Miller was a successful Hong Kong-based lawyer who grew up in Kent.

Blast caught newlyweds

Just five weeks after getting married he was killed, and his new bride Polly had suffered 40% burns.

Both were victims of the terrorist bomb at a Bali nightclub, which claimed 202 lives.

Mrs Miller said: "Polly rang her parents to say there had been a bomb and that she was badly burnt, but alive, only she couldn't find Dan or any of the others in her party.

A more terrible descent is difficult for anyone to imagine or cope with
Felicity Miller

"I think a more terrible descent from such happiness into total grief is difficult for anyone to imagine or cope with."

Mr Miller's ashes are scattered near the family home at Four Elms, near Edenbridge.

For his mother, the orchard that she and her husband planted with Dan brings back many memories.

Memorial service in Bali

Sue Cooper, who lives in Folkestone, has ignored official advice not to travel to the island.

A memorial service being held there on Sunday has been scheduled for the exact time the bomb went off.

Her brother Paul Hussey was killed in the blast but she is determined to continue visiting the island, where she says she feels safe.

She said: "I feel as safe here as I feel anywhere else. A terrorist can attack in any city or any town anywhere in the world.

Bali isn't different to anywhere else. I feel safe here."

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