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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 October, 2003, 13:51 GMT 14:51 UK
Dreamland 'ranks in top 10'
Scenic Railway, Dreamland
The Scenic Railway rollercoaster was granted listed status in 1991
Dreamland fun park, which is on the verge of closing, was one of the 10 most visited attractions of its kind last year, according to new figures.

The figures, compiled by Visit Britain, shows 680,000 people visited the Margate fun park in 2002.

This means the park is ranked as the fifth most visited free entry amusement park in the United Kingdom.

The attraction is due to shut forever after the October half term break because the owner said it was too big for the town.

Famous rides

Now campaigners have said the figures mean Dreamland should stay open.

Save Dreamland Campaign leader, Nick Laister, said: "This further emphasises the need to retain this hugely important tourist attraction.

"Could Margate's tourist industry really survive the loss of an attraction which draws in almost 700,000 visitors every year?

"None of the proposals that have so far been put forward by those trying to secure higher land values for the site would attract anything like the visitors that Dreamland attract to the town."

The park has been going for 84 years and one of its most famous rides, the Scenic Railway, was granted listed building status last year.

The Visit Britain figures show 40,000 people paid extra to ride the historic rollercoaster last year.

The owner of the Dreamland site wants to sell it for redevelopment.

Thanet Council is currently conducting a master plan study to determine how the whole front at Margate should be redeveloped.

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