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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 May, 2003, 08:11 GMT 09:11 UK
Jobs hope at steelworks
Of the 320 staff who worked at ASW, 144 have kept their jobs
Dozens of news jobs could be created at a steelworks where workers were made redundant last year.

Managers at Thamesteel, in Sheerness, Kent, which used to be owned by Allied Steel and Wire (ASW), hope to double the site's production.

The expansion could lead to as many as 40 new jobs being created.

ASW went into receivership in July 2002.

Aspiration to develop

The plant was then bought by Saudi Arabian company, Al Tuwairqi, which enabled 144 of the 320 workers to keep their jobs.

Speaking on BBC Radio Kent, general manager Warren Hewitt, said: "We have a business plan to develop the plant from 570,000 tons capacity to one million, nearly double the output."

Mr Hewitt said his company had an aspiration to develop its steel capacity.

But it depended on how the company decided to invest as to whether the new jobs would be created.

It would depend whether they decide to expand one of the existing furnaces or build a brand new one, he said.

A decision will be taken by the company in the next couple of months.

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