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Last Updated: Monday, 12 May, 2003, 10:42 GMT 11:42 UK
Airport protesters vow to fight on
Cliffe sign
Protesters say 1,100 homes will be lost if the airport plan goes ahead

Campaigners against a proposed new airport in Kent have vowed to carry on their fight until the site is ruled out by the government.

Their comments follow a report by BAA which said plans to build an airport at Cliffe with up to four runways were too economically and environmentally damaging to support.

But campaigners living in the north Kent peninsula say the threat continues to hang over their homes.

Pamela Burrows, of the No Airport at Cliffe Action Group, said: "It's very nice of BAA to have left Cliffe out - it's not so good for the other areas.

'Living on a knife-edge'

"But knowing governments, they tend to do their own sweet thing - and until Blair or Darling actually say categorically 'there will be no airport at Cliffe' we will carry on fighting as hard as we can."

Mrs Burrows urged people to continue writing to their MPs to oppose the plan, officially put forward as an option in July 2002.

"We are fighting this every way we know," she said.

"We've been living on a knife-edge ever since it was first leaked last March and we cannot really keep this up - but we have to."

As far as community is concerned, I think this area stands to lose most
Diana Barker, Dickens Country Protection Society

She said the proposed airport would devastate eight villages, among them All Hallows, St Mary Hoo, Grain and eventually Cliffe, and mean the loss of 1,100 homes.

Diana Barker, of the Dickens Country Protection Society, echoed the promise to carry on the fight.

"Until Cliffe is actually removed from the consultation document, it is still there as an option - and that is what we have to work on," she said.

"I'm no expert but I speak from the heart.

"It's unfortunate for everybody and I feel for everybody, but as far as community is concerned, I think this area stands to lose most - certainly more houses.

"Unfortunately we don't seem to have had the publicity as the other areas on the number of houses that will be lost.

"We do have listed buildings and ancient churches too."

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