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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 9 April, 2003, 16:17 GMT 17:17 UK
Dinosaur unearthed in clay pit
Dr Ed Jarzembowski with fossil spike
The skeleton was dug up in a clay quarry pit near Maidstone
The fossilised skeleton of a dinosaur has been unearthed in a clay pit in Kent.

Remains of the plant-eating creature, called a Nodasaur, were found in a quarry near Maidstone.

The bones of the 110 million-year-old skeleton will now be going on display at Maidstone Museum.

Officials at the museum will not disclose the exact location of the find or how long ago it was discovered.

Armour plating

The skeleton was unearthed after being discovered nearly intact with just head its missing, by amateur fossil-hunter Scott Moore-Fay.

Dr Ed Jarzembowksi, head of natural history at the museum, said fossils such as the dinosaur were normally found in very deep holes or coastal cliffs.

Mr Jarzembowski said the dinosaur would have had armour plating.

He said: "We have a first spike of the armoured dinosaur which would have been about 4m long.

"Maybe it was to protect it from predatory dinosaurs but it may have been to protect it from its own kind during the mating season."

In the museum the skeleton of the dinosaur will have a latex covering with the spikes visible over the top.

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