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Escaped cow causes mayhem in city


The cow caused problems in Hull

A runaway cow brought parts of Hull to a standstill as the emergency services battled for seven hours to catch it.

A police helicopter was scrambled to help track the animal as night fell and at one point train services were halted after it strayed onto railway tracks.

Residents and motorists first reported seeing the cow walking along Spring Bank West at 1500 GMT on Tuesday.

It was finally caught near Hull City's KC Stadium just before 2200 GMT after a vet shot it with a tranquiliser dart.

The sedated cow was then returned unharmed to its owner.

Police were first alerted by alarmed motorists who were confronted by the distressed animal in the Walton Street and Spring Bank area of west Hull.

Dart fired

The animal had escaped from a farm in the village of Cottingham on the western outskirts of the city.

At one stage police cornered it in the grounds of the Ideal Boilers factory but it slipped through a fence.

A thermal imaging camera on the Humberside Police helicopter was used to pinpoint it in undergrowth.

A vet fired a dart to sedate the animal, but it then began walking along the main railway line.

Police alerted Network Rail and services were immediately suspended.

Insp Allan Harvey, of Humberside Police, said: "The animal was shot with some drugs to try and neutralise it, at which point it ran back on the railway line, and as you can see it was more a case of concern for safety of members of the public."

There were fears it may walk all the way to the city's main Paragon Station, but after another tranquilliser dart was fired, the cow collapsed and the rescue began.

A Humberside Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "By the time it was safe to approach, it had made its way to the rear of the KC Stadium.

"The crews secured the animal's legs for their own safety and then removed it using a salvage sheet."

Owner Trevor Graves said: "We're really pleased. It's something that should never have happened, but it has. We're just pleased to get her back now."

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