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Iceland appeal brings jumper aid

Heimir Karlsson of Bylgjan radio holding a jumper
Hundreds of jumpers, blankets and gloves were donated

A 20ft container filled with warm clothing has arrived in Hull after an Icelandic appeal to help pensioners who cannot afford to pay their fuel bills.

The appeal was started by a radio station after hosts of its morning show heard a warning that one in 12 British pensioners could die this winter.

Listeners to the Bylgjan station donated hundreds of garments made from unique Icelandic wool.

Age Concern said many pensioners in Hull were in "financial deprivation".

Icelandic broadcaster Heimir Karlsson, who helped organise the Icelandic Wool to England appeal, said: "When we broadcast the story that UK pensioners were dying from the cold, our listeners could not believe their own ears.

This is a fantastic and generous act of compassion from the people of Iceland
Neil Duncan-Jordan, National Pensioners Convention

"We decided to give the Icelandic nation four days to fill a 20ft container of pure Icelandic wool for pensioners in Britain.

"Families, some from far away, came one after another with garments to fill the container."

Neil Duncan-Jordan, of the National Pensioners Convention, said "This is a fantastic and generous act of compassion from the people of Iceland, particularly at a time when their own economic situation is extremely difficult.

"But it is also a shocking indictment of the UK Government's complete inability to tackle properly the problem of winter deaths amongst older people."

Sally Gould, from Age Concern, said: "There are approximately 40,000 older people in Hull who receive a state pension and roughly 30% of those people are in some from of financial deprivation."


The clothes were donated after a radio appeal

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