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Postman aids dog attack campaign

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Up to 6,000 delivery staff are attacked by dogs in the UK each year

A Hull postman who was bitten by a dog on his daily round is fronting a campaign to persuade people to keep their pets under control.

Bob Lines, who is based at Royal Mail's delivery office in St Peter Street, was off work for seven weeks after he was bitten in June.

Royal Mail said dog attacks on delivery staff across Hull were on the increase, with 15 incidents since 1 April.

After an attack or near miss, Royal Mail will send letters to householders.

The letter will ask them to keep their pets under control or risk losing their doorstep delivery, a Royal Mail spokesman said.

Alarms issued

In more serious cases, the local dog warden and police will be informed.

Mr Lines has had two operations on his leg and said the incident had affected him both mentally and physically.

"But I enjoy my job and want to carry on doing it," he said.

"I've now resumed delivering mail on a part-time basis because I still feel discomfort in my knee if I walk for prolonged periods.

"I would appeal to all dog owners to ensure that their pets are always under control at the times their mail is usually delivered."

After the attack delivery staff across East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire were trained to understand the dangers of dogs, Royal Mail said.

Postmen and women are also being given sonic alarms which ward off roaming dogs.

Area Safety Manager Chris Roberts said: "We know that not all dogs are dangerous, but even the most placid animal can be prone to attack if it feels its territory is being threatened.

"Our first priority is to ensure the welfare and safety of our people and increasingly we have to suspend deliveries because dogs are on the loose and it is not safe for our postmen and women."


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