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Baby Alfie was 'born at 30,000ft'
Nicola and Dom Delemere with baby Alfie
Baby Alfie arrived at 30,000ft on a holiday flight
A family from North Lincolnshire has praised a holiday flight's cabin crew who delivered their premature baby and fought to keep him alive at 30,000ft.

Nicola Delemere, 31, from Scunthorpe, was 25 weeks pregnant and on a flight to Crete when she went into labour.

The cabin crew helped deliver Alfie, who weighed 1lb 1oz (0.5kg) and cleared his lungs as the flight diverted to Gatwick for medical help.

Husband Dom was on his first flight, when the drama unfolded in April.

Flight supervisor Carol Miller helped Mrs Delemere during the birth, clearing the baby's lungs using a drinking straw before carrying out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

'Very quickly'

Baby Alfie was taken to St George's Hospital in Tooting, London, for specialist care before being transferred closer to the family's home in Scunthorpe.

He has now left hospital weighing 5lbs 5oz (2.4kg).

Mr Delemere, 28, said: "We can't begin to thank Carol enough for saving Alfie's life."

Ms Miller said: "He was born very quickly and at first we weren't sure he was breathing so I just applied my medical training, clearing his lungs gently using the straw and then carried out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

The First Choice flight's captain, Peter Thomas, said: "As soon as we realised Nicola had gone into labour we radioed for medical advice from doctors on the ground.

"Air traffic control cleared us a direct path into Gatwick and we were able to make a swift landing."

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