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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 August 2007, 10:20 GMT 11:20 UK
Breast cancer unit opens it doors
A new 1m breast cancer unit will open its doors at a northern Lincolnshire hospital on Monday.

The Pink Rose suite will open on the old D3 ward at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby.

Members of the public raised more than 250,000 towards the cost of the unit, which the hospital trust claims is one of the best in the country.

Manager Rachel Cubbison said: "We can't wait to move in. It's amazing - we will be able to see patients more quickly."

She added: "We'd like to thank the whole of northern Lincolnshire for their fabulous efforts in raising the money which has helped us to ensure the new unit is far grander than we'd otherwise have been able to get."

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