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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 April 2007, 08:12 GMT 09:12 UK
Gas storage plan goes to inquiry
Gas flame
The imported gas would supply homes and businesses
Plans to store natural gas beneath the Yorkshire Wolds will go before a public inquiry later.

Warwick Energy wants to store the imported gas in an exhausted gasfield at Caythorpe, west of Bridlington.

Its proposal was thrown out last June by East Riding Council, which said the site should revert to farmland.

However, Warwick Energy appealed against that decision, starting the public inquiry which is expected to last up to three weeks.

No threat

The company has been extracting gas trapped in porous rocks 6,000ft (1,828 metres) underground in the Caythorpe gasfield for 14 years.

However, reserves there are expected to be exhausted by 2010.

It wants to put imported gas back into the rocks for use by households and industry.

High pressure pipelines would take the gas to and from the storage area.

Objectors claimed the company's plan would ruin the environment, could be a serious health risk and the amount of gas it would supply was insignificant in terms of the national need.

But the company said the gas would pose no threat to local people.


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