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Wilberforce honoured in stamp set
Stamps marking the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery
William Wilberforce is one of six campaigners featured in the set
William Wilberforce has been honoured in a set of stamps along with five others who campaigned against slavery.

The Royal Mail unveiled the stamp at Wilberforce House in High Street, Hull - the former Hull MP's birthplace.

Professor David Richardson, director of the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, showed off a copy of the Wilberforce stamp.

The set goes on sale from Thursday 22 March to mark the 200th anniversary of The Abolition of the Slave Trade Act.

Wilberforce, parliamentary leader of the Abolition movement, is shown on a first class stamp against an anti-slavery poster.

'Inglorious period'

The other first class stamp features Olaudah Equiano, a former slave, who brought the plight of kidnapped Africans to public attention through his autobiography.

Featured on 50p stamps are Granville Sharpe, the first chairman of the Abolitionist movement, and Thomas Clarkson, who collected evidence of the inhumanity of the trade for the abolition committee.

The 72p stamps portray Hannah More, probably the most prominent female abolitionist, and Ignatius Sancho, who was born on a slave ship but later achieved his freedom and became a well-respected trader in London.

Julietta Edgar, head of special stamps at the Royal Mail, said: "The stamps which mark this important anniversary will be seen by millions of people around the UK and, I hope, make us all reflect on how a particularly inglorious period in our history was brought to an end."

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