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Last Updated: Monday, 4 December 2006, 08:53 GMT
City 'UK's worst' for car theft
Offender breaking into vehicle
Endsleigh says car theft claims have fallen by 31% since 2003
Motorists in Hull are more likely to have their cars stolen than those anywhere else in the UK, according to figures from a leading insurer.

Claims for car theft in the city are 126.1% above Endsleigh Insurance's national average, the company says.

Bradford came second with 107.4% more claims, followed by Leeds with 95.6%.

Bradford was also named the place with the worst accident rate (36.8% above the average), followed by Ilford (35.1%) and inner London (29.7%).

Hull - 126.1% (above national average)
Bradford - 107.4%
Leeds - 95.6%
Bristol - 72.2%
Nottingham - 68.4%
Bath - 57.1%
Ilford - 56%
Sheffield - 55.4%
Swansea - 53.4%
Stockport - 52.5%
Source: Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh said car owners in Norwich were least likely to have their vehicles stolen, followed by those in Solihull and Swindon.

Belfast was said to be the place with the lowest accident risk, followed by Swansea and Cambridge.

The insurer compared the frequency of claims in different UK towns and cities against its national average.

The table was formulated through policy and claims information between 2003 and the start of 2006.

The company said overall claims for car theft had fallen by 31% in the last three years.

Spokesman Tim Larden said: "Even amongst the highest risk cities, the signs are that car theft is down.

Bradford - 36.8% (above national average)
Ilford - 35.1%
inner London - 29.7%
Birmingham - 25.9%
Wolverhampton - 20.8%
High Wycombe - 20.2%
Derby - 19.4%
Colchester - 17.3%
Leicester - 16.5%
Stockport - 11.3%
Source: Endsleigh Insurance

"The overall national picture on car theft is good news for drivers and there is no doubt that improved car security has significantly contributed to this drop."

Mr Larden said a significant amount of car crime was opportunistic and advised motorists to always close their windows and never leave valuables on display.

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