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Cement truck crashes into school
Scene of East Cowick school crash
The 26-tonne cement mixer crashed through the school fence
A woman is recovering after her car was crushed under a cement mixer which crashed into the playground of an East Yorkshire primary school.

The 26-tonne truck ploughed into a line of parked cars outside East Cowick Primary School near Snaith just minutes after pupils had gone in for lessons.

It then smashed through the school fence and hit the woman's car before coming to rest in the playground.

No pupils were hurt, but the woman suffered bruising and shock.

She was cut from the wreckage by firefighters and flown by air ambulance to hospital in Doncaster.

'Serious problems'

The lorry driver was treated in hospital for shock.

A spokesman for Humberside Fire and Rescue said if the crash had happened five minutes earlier, the children would have been in the school playground.

Scene of East Cowick school crash
Local residents have campaigned for the speed limit to be reduced

"It is astounding that there was only one injury in the crash as all of the children had just gone into the school building," he said.

"Had this incident been a few minutes earlier, then we would have been fatalities - some of which would have involved children."

The A1041 Snaith Road was closed in both directions as emergency vehicles attended the scene.

'Terrible scene'

Parents and local councillors said the road was a notorious accident black spot and they had long campaigned for a reduction in the speed limit.

Councillor Chris Arnold, of East Yorkshire Council, said: "It is a terrible scene to look at but what frightens me so much is this is not the first vehicle we have had in a schoolyard.

"We have got a lot of children in there, potentially it could have been an absolute disaster, as it could the last time a car went through.

"Hopefully people will take heed and abide by the speed limit."

The school remained opened, with pupils carrying on with normal lessons.

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