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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 October 2006, 12:40 GMT 13:40 UK
Safety plea for horse road riders
Horse rider on road
Riders are advised to wear highly visible clothing
An initiative to warn horse riders of the dangers on the roads has been launched by Humberside Police.

The force said it had launched its "be seen and be safe" campaign in a bid to reduce the number of collisions between vehicles and horses and their riders.

Seven riders have been hurt in collisions in the past three years, and police said the number of near misses "will never be known".

Motorists are also being asked to slow down and be considerate with riders.

'Massive damage'

Pc Julie Crompton said: "Thankfully we don't experience many collisions involving horses on our county's roads but with the onset of the winter weather conditions and dark nights riders should be making plans to keep themselves and their horses safe.

With mutual patience and understanding we can all help to keep everyone as safe as possible
Pc Julie Crompton

"An impact between horse and vehicle can result in massive damage to all parties and, sadly, for the horse it could mean humane destruction.

"Most riders are very grateful to considerate drivers, but realise that many people have no experience of horses and so do not understand their psyche."

Advice to riders includes wearing highly visible clothing such as fluorescent tabards, ensuring their animal is suitable to be out in traffic, and never riding out in the dark or in foggy conditions.

Drivers are being asked to be patient, slow down to about 15mph and give the horse as wide a berth as possible.

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