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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 11:47 GMT 12:47 UK
Prison 'needs to support inmates'
An East Yorkshire jail has been told it needs to make more effort to help inmates settle back into normal life when they leave.

Everthorpe Prison, near Brough, was subject to a two-day inspection by the chief inspector of prisons in April.

Anne Owers praised managers and staff on their progress in spite of a recently expanded population.

But a greater focus on bullying was needed and inmates needed to be given more help to move back into society.

In 2004 Everthorpe Prison was expanded, allowing it to house 40% more prisoners. Shortly before the change it had 464 inmates, and it now has more than 680.

Ms Owers said resettlement had failed to keep pace with the number of prisoners now held, and there were not enough spaces on offending behaviour programmes.

'Decent environment'

She said with an increasingly diverse population, a greater focus on bullying was needed, though Everthorpe was "not an unsafe prison".

But Ms Owers praised an increase in purposeful activity which meant very few prisoners were confined to their cells during the day.

Drug treatment and accredited training had improved, and there were well advanced refurbishment plans for the chapel and kitchen.

Ms Owers said: "Overall, prison managers and staff are to be commended on their progress in managing a larger and more challenging population.

"They have ensured that sufficient, good quality activity is available, and have maintained a largely safe and decent environment.

"Resettlement work has lagged behind, and it is important to revitalise and re-focus this, so that the progress prisoners are able to make in custody is not lost when they leave."

Prisons fail to meet targets
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