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Ex-council chief 'abused boy, 13'
Colin Inglis
Colin Inglis was a social worker in Hull in the 1980s
A former council leader and police authority chairman performed sex acts on a 13-year-old boy when he was a social worker, a court has heard.

Colin Inglis, 49, who was leader of Hull City Council and chairman of the Humberside Police Authority, is charged with 14 counts of indecent assault.

Mr Inglis, of Wellington Street West, Hull, denies all the counts.

He met the boy when he worked at a council residential home in Hull, Leeds Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

Graham Hyland QC, prosecuting, told the court the boy woke regularly to find Mr Inglis standing in his room after performing a sex act on him.

'Favourite' boy

The prosecutor told the jury: "[The boy] was very much Mr Inglis's favourite at the time.

"Unfortunately on the part of Mr Inglis, that friendly relationship went beyond mere favouritism and that of a social worker to child in his care.

"For there came a time when Colin Inglis began subjecting him to acts of indecency.

"Thus it is that the defendant is now on trial for this offence all those years ago."

Mr Hyland said Mr Inglis would take boys from the Spring Cottage assessment centre for weekends away.

He said that on one occasion he took the "unusual if not unique" step of taking the youngster away by himself on a camping trip to North Wales.

Shower incident

The boy, who is now married with a daughter and working as a senior financial adviser, recalled that the trip was to Rhyll.

Mr Hyland said that on the trip Mr Inglis got into a shower with him, and described a similar incident at a Hull leisure centre where Mr Inglis had taken the boy to play squash.

The prosecutor told the jury that Mr Inglis's relationship with the boy had been examined in a previous police investigation into Spring Cottage in 1997.

Mr Inglis did not face any charges following that inquiry, but a new police investigation began in 2004.

The trial continues on Wednesday.

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