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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 May 2006, 00:19 GMT 01:19 UK
Explorer helped by Chelsea boss
Karl Bushby
Karl Bushby plans to end his trek in 2009
Explorer Karl Bushby has thanked Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich for helping him continue his attempt to walk around the world.

Speaking from Russia, the 37-year-old former paratrooper from Hull said: "The dream is back on."

Mr Bushby no longer faces deportation for illegally entering Russia.

He thanked Mr Abramovich for "working behind the scenes" on his behalf, adding: "He is the governor of the region and his guys have got involved."

Mr Bushby was arrested in the remote region of Chukotka in north-east Russia on 1 April after walking across the frozen Bering Strait from Alaska.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich used his power in Russia to help Mr Bushby

A court ruled he and his American travel companion, Dimitri Kieffer, had illegally crossed the Russian border.

They were each fined 2,000 rubles (40), sentenced to deportation and given a five-year ban from travelling in Russia.

This would have prevented Mr Bushby from completing his 36,000-mile trip from South America to Alaska, into Russia and across Europe back to England.

The adventurers appealed and Judge Irina Kodes of the Chukotka regional court overturned most of the ruling, apart from the fine.

Mr Bushby has walked 17,000 miles since beginning his trip on November 1, 1998, and hopes to return home to Hull in 2009.

He will now sort out the necessary paperwork in Russia before returning to Alaska, where he will spend the summer months preparing for the next leg of his trip.

He said he hopes to return to Uelen, where he was picked up by the authorities, and continue his record-breaking attempt in November.

Explorer's world trek continues
05 May 06 |  Humber


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