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'Bad timing' for Prescott leaflet
John Prescott
The affair is reported to have started at an office party
A leaflet showing John Prescott in a picture of domestic harmony with his wife was delivered to homes across Hull as news broke of his affair.

On Wednesday the Deputy Prime Minister and MP for Hull East admitted having a two-year affair with his aide Tracey Temple, 43.

Voters in the city were just digesting the revelation when they received the latest bulletin from the party.

The front cover pictures Mr and Mrs Prescott posing in their garden.

The picture is under a headline which reads "Home Pride".

'Bad timing'

The leaflet, which is the March edition but was only delivered in the last few days, is thought to have been put through the doors of at least 5,000 homes in east Hull.

It was delivered along with election leaflets for local candidates standing in next week's council elections.

But councillor Kenneth Branson, leader of the council and the Labour group in the city, said he was not worried the scandal would affect the party's chances in the city.

He said: "As far as I am concerned the reaction on the street has been fairly positive towards John Prescott.

"People have said he shouldn't have done it and perhaps he shouldn't but it's done now isn't it.

"Perhaps the timing of the leaflet was bad but these things happen."

'Damaging revelations'

Councillor Carl Minns, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Hull, said he thought the recent revelations about Mr Prescott's private life were damaging for the Labour party.

But this week's news that more than 1,000 foreign prisoners have been released without being considered for deportation was the real issue turning Hull voters away from the party, he said.

At least five of the foreign prisoners freed without being deported have gone on to commit more serious crimes.

Neither of the council's two Conservative councillors were available for comment.

See John Prescott and Tracey Temple together


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