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Last Updated: Monday, 17 April 2006, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK
Man dies retrieving pair of shoes
A man has died after jumping into docks in East Yorkshire to retrieve his girlfriend's shoes.

The 21-year-old leapt into the water at Goole in the early hours of Sunday after the couple had been drinking on a night out.

The woman alerted police and a sea and air search was launched.

The man's body was later recovered by police divers. The Humber coastguard said his death highlighted the dangers of swimming after drinking alcohol.

Coastguard watch officer Mike Puplett said: "This is a very sad outcome, and once again it appears that alcohol has played a part in this young man's demise.

"The message is very clear: alcohol and swimming or going into the water is a lethal combination."

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