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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 November 2005, 16:58 GMT
Hammer killers given life terms
Barrie Jackson
Mr Jackson died in Hull Royal Infirmary
Two men have been given life sentences for the brutal killing of a Hull man.

Barrie Jackson, 30, died from a fractured skull after an attack near the Dolphin pub on the Bilton Grange Estate on Sunday, 24 April 2005.

He had been cleared last year of the attempted murder of a prostitute in the port in 2004.

Steve Gallant, 28, and Daniel Gilligan, 27, both of east Hull, were convicted at Hull Crown Court on Wednesday. The pair must serve at least 17 years.

A third man, Shaun Wilson, 26, was convicted of assisting an offender by disposing of evidence. He was jailed for 21 months.

You both showed a total lack of interest in how badly he was injured or whether he would survive at all
Mr Justice Crane

Jobless Gallant and gas-fitter Gilligan carried out a vicious attack on Mr Jackson using CS spray, a hammer and mowing him down with a van.

The court heard Gallant wielded the CS spray and hammer while Gilligan drove a van at him.

Falling to the floor Mr Jackson was hit with the hammer and his face was stamped on.

Gallant wrongly believed Mr Jackson had been responsible for an attack on his girlfriend some days earlier, the court was told.

Mr Justice Crane said: "The taking of revenge and taking the law into your own hands gets no sympathy at all from the courts.

'Horrific injuries'

"I am quite satisfied that that evening you planned to give Barrie Jackson a severe beating.

"A hammer probably played a part. The real damage was done by kicking this man in the head and stamping on him, when he was on the ground. The injuries to his face were horrific."

He said the "aggravating feature" was the defendants' preparation for the attack.

"There was an intention to cause serious harm," he said. "You both showed a total lack of interest in how badly he was injured or whether he would survive at all."


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