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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 November 2005, 14:59 GMT
Valentine killer jailed for life
Paul Dyson and Joanne Nelson
Police believe Dyson strangled Joanne on 13 February
A man who murdered his fiancee during a Valentine's weekend row has been jailed for life at Hull Crown Court.

Wood machinist Paul Dyson, 31, had previously pleaded guilty to the murder of 22-year-old Joanne Nelson.

The body of Miss Nelson, a Job Centre worker, was found in woods near Malton, North Yorkshire, on 24 March, after a massive search by police.

On Tuesday Judge Tom Cracknell told Dyson he must serve 16 years in jail before being considered for parole.

Police believe she was strangled on 13 February at the couple's home in Hull, during an argument about housework.

You went on TV and displayed breathtaking and nauseating hypocrisy
Judge Tom Cracknell
Judge Cracknell said Dyson had carried out "an evil deed" and his deception had caused Miss Nelson's family "grief and torment that is scarcely imaginable".

He condemned Dyson for making a television appeal for help in finding his fiancee.

Judge Cracknell said: "You went on TV and displayed breathtaking and nauseating hypocrisy."

As the defendant was sentenced, members of the public gallery stood and shouted abuse at Dyson as he was led away.

Family 'cheated'

The disappearance of Miss Nelson sparked the biggest search operation ever carried out by Humberside Police, involving hundreds of officers, volunteers and even the army.

Dyson has never fully explained what happened on the weekend of Miss Nelson's death.

Speaking outside the court, Lee Creamer, a friend of the Nelson family, read a statement on their behalf.

The Nelson family
Joanne [right] on holiday with her parents and two sisters

"Her family meant the world to her and she meant everything to us.

"He has taken the most precious gift any parent can have and that's a child. So many lives have been destroyed by her death.

"We don't have lives any more, but we do not feel sorry for ourselves.

"We feel sorry for Joanne and the life she will miss out on. We her parents, her sisters and all those who loved her have been cheated. Justice can never be done, because Joanne can never come home."

His former wife Jenny Clark, 25, who Dyson beat on her wedding night welcomed his jailing saying: "I could not wait for him to go down."

Dyson initially denied murder and admitted the manslaughter of Miss Nelson at a previous hearing. He pleaded guilty to murder on Monday.

Dyson's father was also a killer
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