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Last Updated: Friday, 11 February, 2005, 10:22 GMT
Dog survives 100ft cliff plunge
Beau lived in a cove for five days
A pet dog that survived for five days following a 100ft fall down a cliff has been reunited with its owners.

Beau's owner Paul Uttley from Dewsbury feared he would never see the chocolate labrador again after he fell down the cliffs at Flamborough Head.

But family friend Chris Fletcher returned on Thursday and spotted the uninjured Beau on the beach.

Rescuers winched the dog, which survived in a cove, up the cliff to be reunited with his owners.

Eight-month-old Beau had been out for a walk to the lighthouse when his owners realised he had gone missing on Saturday afternoon.

We had pretty much given up hope of finding him
Chris Fletcher

"They thought he must have gone over the cliff and called the coastguard," Mr Fletcher said.

Despite rescuers abseiling down the cliffs Beau could not be found.

"They phoned me and I came straight over and spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday searching for him. I was so worried," Mr Fletcher added.

Finally, on Thursday Mr Fletcher went back to the scene to put up posters of the missing dog.

"We had pretty much given up hope of finding him," he said.

'Very lively'

"But, I walked back towards the lighthouse and had a look over the cliff tops. I could see what I thought at first was a bin-liner but then it stood up and I realised it was a dog."

Beau had gone over the cliff into an enclosed area , two coves away from where he disappeared.

The coves cannot be reached easily because of the cliffs and tides.

Alex Harrison of Flamborough Rescue Service said: "We tried to get him by lifeboat but the weather conditions were too difficult.

"So, we got him in a dog net and pulled him up the cliff. He was very lively and very hungry."

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