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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 January, 2005, 06:11 GMT
'Army heritage' to get new home
Historic army vehicles which were left in storage after closure of an East Yorkshire museum will be setting off for a new home on Tuesday.

More than 50 vehicles are being taken to Donnington in Shropshire following the closure of the Museum of Army Transport (MAT) in Beverley.

The move is being co-ordinated by 3 Tank Transporter Squadron.

The National Army Museum (NAM) said the "important historic vehicles" would be put on public display at a later date.

MAT, which was not part of the National Army Museum, was closed in summer 2003 after being declared insolvent.

The army has only recently gained access to its collection because the building and its contents were in administration.

Dr Alan Guy, director of the National Army Museum, said: "The closing of any museum, particularly the Mat, with which the NAM had a long and happy relationship since the 1980s, is a matter for much regret.

"I understand how painful it must have been to the many loyal supporters but the time has come to move on."

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