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Last Updated: Saturday, 18 June, 2005, 11:05 GMT 12:05 UK
Ghostly vigil for fishing centre
The Ross Tiger trawler at the National Fishing Heritage Centre
Visitors have reported ghostly goings-on on the Ross Tiger trawler
Staff at a Grimsby museum are taking part in a vigil with paranormal experts to try to explain a series of strange happenings over the past two years.

Unexplained smells, extreme cold spots and loud footsteps at the National Fishing Heritage Centre have led staff to think they have a ghostly visitor.

Many believe a former skipper of the centre's Ross Tiger trawler could be responsible for the friendly presence.

Investigators from TV's Most Haunted will visit the site on Saturday.

Visitors and staff have reported cold spots that have made them shiver in the radio room and strong smells of tobacco smoke have permeated a room where no one is allowed to smoke.

Not worried

Museum technician Pete Goodings said there was no logical explanation for the smell.

"I've checked the ventilation systems and there's no way anything from outside could have contributed to the smell of smoke and there's nobody here that smokes," he said.

Other unexplained events include people in the cabins of the Ross Tiger hearing footsteps on deck when nobody else could have been there and a door which was always kept open on the trawler being found jammed shut.

Culture manager Chris Jones said staff were not unduly worried by the presence as it has never been unpleasant or frightening.

"We think we know who might be with us, a much respected and renowned ex-skipper of the Tiger.

"We all feel it's the right place for him to be and feel comforted that he is still with us."

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