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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 June, 2004, 12:20 GMT 13:20 UK
Road success for safety cameras
Speed limit and camera sign
The number of casualties has been reduced around mobile camera sites
Safety cameras in east Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire have reduced the number of people killed or injured on the roads by 5%, new research reveals.

Mobile cameras operate at 65 of the worst crash sites in the region, which in the past have seen a total of 72 casualties every year.

The Humberside Safety Camera Partnership says in the last year this number has dropped to 34.

Partnership spokeswoman Ruth Gore said the result shows that cameras work.

Dramatic reduction

The partnership has now announced three new sites for cameras.

"We realise that this represents just one year's results and it's normal to review the type of information over three years," said Ms Gore.

"We were expecting a reduction in casualties and collisions based upon the experience of other camera partnerships that have been operating on a longer period.

"The fact that we have seen such a dramatic reduction in casualties within our first year is fantastic, however we are not complacent."

Two of the new sites are along the A614 around Shiptonthorpe.

The third is a fixed camera site on the B1239 north of Preston.

In all of these sites at least 20 % of the traffic exceed the speed limit on a daily basis.

Speed cameras 'increase danger'
28 Jun 04  |  Derbyshire

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