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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 June, 2004, 09:12 GMT 10:12 UK
Champions really take the biscuit
It will be biscuits at dawn for the World championships
It will be Rich-tea biscuits at dawn in North Lincolnshire when the World Biscuit Throwing Championships come to Brocklesby Hall.

This year, it is hoped a competitor from the Humber region will be able to beat last year's record of 79m.

The championship is expected to attract stiff competition and hundreds of visitors, who will see the winner claim the much sought after 'biscuit medal'.

The championships, in aid of the NSPCC, start at 2pm on Sunday, 13 June.

North Lincolnshire NSPCC representative Sally Vergette, said it is not a half-baked idea.

"This is the third championship of its kind and it is the first time that it is has come to our area.

"The last two events have been held in the north-east with great success, and when it comes to the crunch, people really enjoy watching the competition."

2003 biscuit throwing results
Adult male - 76.98m
Adult female - 73.52m
Under 15 male - 56m
Under 15 female - 45m
Under 11 male - 41.5m
Under 11 female - 18m

"It is something different, and we want people from the Humber area to come and support it.

"Any record-breaking biscuit throwing is recorded and sent to the Guiness Book of Records, so this truly is a recording breaking event."

The competition is open to experienced and novice biscuit throwers and it is hoped someone from the area can beat previous records.

The rules state competitors can throw three biscuits but they must be official the official Rich-tea variety.

BBC News Online assessed the aerodynamic potential of assorted team-time favourites, and how they weigh up against the Rich-tea.

The Custard Cream

The patterning on this biscuit may affect its flow through the air, and the filling could act as a resistance during the throw.

Competitors beware! This biscuit could melt in your hand if competing in hot weather.

Humble digestive

This is an ideal biscuit to be thrown like a discus and size does allow for good grip, but crumbling in the air could cause problems.


This biscuit has it all in throwing terms...a combination of lightness, aerodynamic life and firmness. It is a true winner.

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