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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 April, 2004, 18:04 GMT 19:04 UK
Driver wins 'yellow lines' case
Steve Tether
Steve Tether has always parked on Lime Street
A driver has won a dispute with traffic wardens after he found yellow lines had been painted under his car.

Steve Tether, from Hull, parked his car in Lime Street and when he returned he found contractors had pushed his Nissan out of the way to paint yellow lines.

Factory workers opposite watched as the contractors then pushed his car back and carried on painting down the road.

Hull City Council has discussed the matter with Humberside Police who have now agreed to cancel the ticket.

Mr Tether claims he has always parked on the street when he attends band sessions.

He said he was shocked to walk out to find the yellow lines under his car.

"I didn't think they were there when I parked and I thought I'd have noticed them before."

Jason Morrow watched the contractors paint the lines from a warehouse over the road.

He said: "They just pushed the car out of the way and painted under it. Then they put the car back."

The BBC's John McIntyre
"Not so much a case of double vision, more a case of dubious practice"

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