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More vessels to get Cod Wars cash
Fish trawler (generic)
Many men lost their jobs because of the Cod Wars with Iceland
Another 13 former Grimsby trawlers crews are to be compensated for losing their jobs as a result of the Cod Wars of the 1970s.

The government has added their vessels to the compensation list after a long campaign in the town.

Crews argued they had fished in Icelandic waters even though official proof was not available.

The compensation scheme started in October 2000 and so far has paid out 42m to over 4,700 applicants.

Right to compensation

Grimsby trawlers which will now qualify for the scheme are: Erimo, Hondo, Judaen, Mohave, Okino, Philadelphian, Priscillian, Scampton, Shawnee, Syerston, Tiberian, Tokio and Yesso.

Trade and Industry Minister Nigel Griffiths said: "I have carefully considered nominations from MPs, trawlermen and their representatives.

"They argued that some vessels were unfairly excluded from the compensation scheme, depriving many former trawlermen of their right to compensation."

The Cod Wars started in 1974 when Iceland banned foreign vessels from fishing within 200 miles of its coast, leading to a series of confrontations which included British trawlers having their nets cut by Icelandic coastguards.

In 1976, agreement was reached between the UK and Iceland governments that involved British vessels withdrawing from Icelandic waters.

Several thousand fishermen lost their jobs but because of the way they were employed they were not eligible for redundancy payments.

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