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Real ale marks meteorite fall
Falling Stone Bitter bottle
The meteorite landed on Mr Gray's land 200 years ago
A real ale named after the first witnessed UK meteorite fall is being brewed by two Yorkshire farmers - close to where it hit the earth more than 200 years ago.

Tom Mellor and his neighbour Derek Gray, from Wold Newton, near Bridlington, have converted a 19th Century granary into Wold Top Brewery.

They are brewing two new real ales - Falling Stone and Wold Top Bitter - using their own barley and water drawn from a bore hole on Hunmanby Grange farm, owned by Mr Mellor.

Falling Stone is a dark, full bodied premium ale named after the spot on Mr Gray's land where the first witnessed meteorite fell to earth on 13 December 1795.

The stone penetrated through one foot of soil, embedded itself into the chalk bedrock to a depth of seven inches, and created an impact pit over one metre across.

British Museum

Mr Mellor said: "I've been a real ale fan since my student days and one day it occurred to me that we have 95% of the ingredients - water and barley - available here on the farm."

While the original 'Falling Stone' is in the British Museum's collections, its liquid namesake, together with its companion ale Wold Top Bitter, will be available by the cask or bottle in local outlets.

The project has been helped with a 48,000 rural enterprise grant from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Defra Project Officer Steve Dunkley said: "We always advise people to identify their existing resources alongside their strengths and interests when considering a diversification project - and Wold Top Brewery is an excellent example of this."

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