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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 April, 2003, 09:59 GMT 10:59 UK
Speeding drivers caught on camera
Speed camera
Locations of the cameras are posted on the internet

Mobile speed cameras are being set up at 65 accident blackspots on the Humber to reduce the number of crashes.

The Humberside Safety Camera Partnership is being funded by revenue from speeding fines over the next two years.

Speed is the main contributory factor in one third of all road accidents.

During 2002, there were 49 deaths in the region, 688 serious injuries and another 4,047 people involved in crashes.

This year, January to March, there have already been 22 deaths on local roads.

Organisers say they are not trying to catch people out with the cameras - their locations are available on the internet.

They will include the A18 Barton Street, the A46 Laceby Road, Weelsby Road and Clee Road route, Louth Road, Great Coates Road and Waltham Road.

More than half of all accidents happen on urban roads, yet 70% of drivers break the speed limit on this type of road.

If a pedestrian is hit at 20mph, they have a 10 per cent chance of being killed. If they are hit at 40mph, they have a 90 per cent of being killed.

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