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Muntjac deer in railings rescue

Craig Pillinger and the deer
Craig the deer was rescued by his namesake who widened railings

The RSPCA is caring for a muntjac deer which was rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in railings.

The deer became wedged near a canal in Heron Close, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, on 17 October, the fire service said.

Watch manager Rob Allen said: "It looked like the deer had made a run for it and misjudged the gap and was stuck because his hips wouldn't go through."

The deer was named 'Craig' after Craig Pillinger, the fireman who rescued him.

Mr Allen, of Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, said the distressed deer had removed fur on either side of its body.

"We calmed him by wrapping him in a salvage sheet and then used a hand tool to open the bars enough to get him out," he said.

Fire crews looked after 'Craig' until the RSPCA arrived.

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