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Extreme stunts TV star breaks arm

Lee Dainton recovers in hospital (Photo courtesy R P Walton)
Lee Dainton said the pain from his broken wrist was 'worse than any injury I've had on the TV'. (Photo courtesy R P Walton)

The star of a television show which specialises in dangerous stunts has broken his arm while using a new skate park in Herefordshire.

Lee Dainton, from Newport in south Wales, who appears in Dirty Sanchez, broke his left arm in several places while skating in Holmer Road, Hereford.

He said his future as a professional skateboarder could be in doubt.

Mr Dainton, who broke his arm last week, said: "If I do it again, I'm in deep trouble."

He has just been discharged from Hereford County Hospital after being in for a week having surgery on his left wrist following the skateboard incident.

Lee Dainton's X-rays
Doctors told him the break was 'as bad as it could possibly be'

He said: "It's a bit of a nightmare but it's the game I'm in."

Mr Dainton was at the top of the bowl when he came off his board.

He said: "I fell flat from the top, about 10ft. I totally shattered the radius on my wrist. It was probably the most pain I have ever been in - worse than any injury I've had on the TV.

"I just wanted to drive to Newport but it was that bad I couldn't stand the 45-minute journey.

"I've got lots of metal, screws, plates, in my wrist. It's in total fragments."

Mr Dainton added that doctors said it was "as bad as it could possibly be", but insisted it would not hold him back.

He said: "You ain't holding me down. Look at Evel Knievel, he was smashed to bits and he'd get up.

"It will mean I will have to do certain things one handed. I'll get by."

The father-of-two said he did not have time to rest and has just opened a production studio in Newport and has got Dirty Sanchez gigs lined up.

He said: "Maybe I've got to be a bit more careful with it, but I've got so many other things filling my life, there's plenty more things to do."

He said projects lined up included pre-production for a feature-length version of Pritchard v Dainton, a Dirty Sanchez spin-off.

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