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Speeding ticket scam man jailed

The car after the makeover
A different number plate design and stickers were added to the car

A man has been jailed for 80 days after admitting disguising his car with stickers to avoid a speeding fine.

Paul Hendley, 39, of Kingsway, Stourport, Worcestershire, was recorded doing 37mph in a 30mph zone in Bromsgrove last October.

Hendley demanded photographic evidence and then claimed it did not look like his car, Worcester Crown Court heard.

He sent a photograph back to police of what his car looked like after altering the vehicle.

The court heard that Hendley added a number plate of a different design, a GB sticker, a Union flag and chequer sticker, along with a "Dad's Taxi" sign to his white Rover.

Police said that under interview Hendley denied altering the car's appearance or changing its number plate.

'Devious and deliberate'

However, officers found that the number plate and stickers had been bought from a local shop in December.

At court Hendley pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

He had previously received three penalty points and a 120 fine for the speeding offence.

Pc Keith Heritage, of West Mercia Police, said after the court case: "It was a devious and deliberate attempt to avoid a speeding fine, which was just not worth it.

"This started out as a traffic offence and developed into a serious criminal matter which led to a jail sentence."

He added: "It is not uncommon for motorists to try to avoid responsibility for a speeding ticket but this is an example of the depths some people will go to, and we hope it will serve as a warning to others."

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