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Asparagus tipped to tell future
Jemima Packington
Ms Packington is from the 'home' of asparagus
A Worcestershire woman has been trying out her tips for predicting the future - using asparagus.

Jemima Packington describes herself as the only "asparamancer" in the UK and makes her predictions from the way the stalks fall on the floor.

She has been making predictions to visitors at the British Trade and Travel Fair at the NEC near Birmingham.

Among her visitors was actor Tony Robinson, who played Baldrick in the BBC comedy series Black Adder.

The three asparagus spears he threw landed in the shape of the number four. Ms Packington told him "things were coming to a head" and he that must grab an opportunity.

"I feel as if a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders," he joked.

Actor Tony Robinson
Actor Tony Robinson was told to "grab an opportunity"
Ms Packington has been at the NEC helping to promote Worcestershire and its asparagus-growing tradition.

She said she started her fortune telling "quite by chance" some years ago after some stalks fell on her floor and she made a prediction which came true.

"I can't even remember what prediction I made when I was young but my family went very quiet and it came true and the rest is history," she told BBC News.

"Two spears facing away from you means what you get out of life you have to work for."

More asparagus is grown in the county than anywhere else in the UK, in particular in the Vale of Evesham.

Jemima examines the patterns formed by asparagus stalks


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