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Boy who killed 'Dr Who' sentenced
John Clews - who dressed as Dr Who
Mr Clews died in hospital after suffering a heart attack
A 17-year-old has been given a 12-month detention order for the manslaughter of a town's local character.

Christopher McKnight, from Bromsgrove, was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court. He previously admitted manslaughter.

He was part of a gang which confronted John Clews, 51, in Bromsgrove's Asda car park on 19 September, 2006.

Mr Clews, known as Dr Who because of his clothing, collapsed and later died in hospital. The judge said McKnight could be named despite his age.

Judge Alistair McCreath made his decision based on the serious nature of the crime and the high public interest in the case.

Christopher McKnight
Christopher McKnight was part of gang that taunted Mr Clews

McKnight admitted manslaughter at a hearing on 5 September.

Detective Inspector Brian Russell, of West Mercia Constabulary, said the case should be a warning about the possible consequences of anti-social behaviour.

"My first thoughts are with Mr Clews's family and hopefully this conviction provides some comfort to them as well as reassurance to the people of Bromsgrove," he said.

"John Clews was a well-known character in the town centre and although he was regarded as a little eccentric he was well respected and liked, and friendly with a lot of people."

The prosecution said Mr Clews, from the Charford area, was teased by a group of teenagers, including McKnight, on the evening of 19 September 2006.

There was then an exchange of insults between McKnight and Mr Clews.

At one point Mr Clews punched the defendant in the face, the court heard.

McKnight began to walk away, but then returned and pushed Mr Clews up against a metal barrier several times, which triggered a heart attack, the court was told.

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