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Rickshaws used by police in chase
Pc Sue Beament with rider Ben Matthews
Pc Sue Beament with rickshaw-rider Ben Matthews
Rickshaw riders came to the aid of police chasing a wanted man through city streets by giving two police officers a lift.

Pcs Ann-Marie Rosier and Sue Beament jumped aboard two of Hereford's rickshaw-style pedicabs to take them 800m to the other side of the city.

Riders, Ben Matthews and Will Vaughan pedalled furiously across Castle Green and the duo got their man.

He has been remanded in custody over an assault and breaching bail conditions.

Emergency distress call

The pursuit began when the police officers got an emergency distress call from colleagues trying to arrest the man.

As they were on the other side of the city they hopped aboard the pedicabs, which have a top speed of about 18 mph, for the 800m (874 yds) journey.

Pedicab rider Will Vaughan, 26, said: "We went as fast as we could.

"It was an absolute surprise. One minute we were dropping some fares off, the next we were commandeered by police. It was fantastic."

Ben Matthews, 27, took the two officers while Will rode as an outrider in front.

Pc Rosier said: "Our colleagues were some distance away and in need of urgent assistance but we couldn't get there by car.

"We knew if we ran the distance it may take too long and when we arrived we would not have been in the best condition to help.

"So when the pedicabs turned up we used our initiative and hopped on board."

West Mercia Police have said the two riders will get a generous tip for their ride.

Rickshaw driver Will Vaughan was surprised by the request

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