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Love letter from 1940 unearthed
The love letter
The love letter was written by a soldier in Southsea in 1940
A Worcestershire family is trying to trace the owner of a love letter written in 1940 which was discovered under the floorboards of their house.

Guy Tomlinson found the ripped up pieces of the letter while refurbishing his Malvern home.

The letter was written by a soldier based in Southsea, Hampshire, to his sweetheart during World War II.

The family now want to trace the woman the letter was addressed to, Audrey Lovell, so they can return it to her.

The letter was written by Percy and is dated 24 August 1940. He writes of possible marriage after the war has finished.

Marriage thoughts

Part of the letter reads: "If you would tell me that you still love me I shall not mind waiting a couple of years, that's if I'm spared, as long as you still love me darling, I shan't mention any more about this affair."

Mr Tomlinson also found two copies of the Daily Mail from 1932 and an old-fashioned chemistry set under the floorboards.

"I found a loose floorboard and when I lifted it up, I started to find these little scraps of paper," he said.

"Clearly something had been ripped up and stuffed down a hole in the floorboards.

"It wasn't until I got a few pieces out that I realised it was actually a letter."

The family now want to track down Audrey Lovell, if she is still alive, or her relatives, so they can give back the historic items.

The family wants to return the letter


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