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Last Updated: Friday, 22 December 2006, 12:38 GMT
Freezing fog creates 'snowy' feel
Weather in Hereford

Hopes of a white Christmas in Hereford have been dashed by experts who said a "snow storm" was actually freezing fog.

People in the city woke up to a white covering with snow-like flakes falling from the sky.

However, the local BBC weather expert Paul Damari said it was not actually snow but a phenomenon where fog freezes causing deposits of ice called rime.

"It is unusual to people and the first thing they say is 'it is snowing' but strictly speaking it is not," he said.

People living in the city described falling particles and said it was like a snow storm.

Mr Damari said: "It is the most picturesque setting. It happens every now and then and it gets people excited because we don't have much of it.

"It can feel like snow but it is more rime really which is being deposited by this freezing fog."

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