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Last Updated: Monday, 18 September 2006, 13:44 GMT 14:44 UK
Farmer bans his goods from Tesco
Will Chase
Will Chase founded Tyrrells in 2003
A Herefordshire farmer has got a leading supermarket to take his product off the shelves after he found out it was selling it without his permission.

Will Chase, the founder of Tyrrells chips, refused to sell his product to Tesco, as he did not want to supply the larger supermarkets.

Two weeks ago he discovered the supermarket had bought his potatoes crisps from another unnamed supplier.

Tesco has now agreed to stop selling the Tyrrells chips.

Comments 'a surprise'

Mr Chase said: "If we supplied a company such as Tesco we would be competing with mass produced products which are sold at discounts. I don't think we are ready for that.

"We have been approached by Tesco before asking to sell the product and we have always been very polite with them but refused. I feel the store has gone behind our backs.

"I was so annoyed. I just think it was really naughty."

A Tesco spokeswoman said the store had been in discussion with the Herefordshire firm.

"Will Chase's comments came as a surprise to us, as we have been in discussions with Tyrrells.

"However if Tyrrells do not want to sell to Tesco we will of course respect that decision.

"In fact, we are focusing on finding ways of working with small suppliers to bring new local products to our customers," she said.

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