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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 August 2006, 08:33 GMT 09:33 UK
Cadbury case 'should not recur'
Cadbury's chocolate bars
Seven products were withdrawn due to the contamination
Environmental health officials have said they are confident a contamination of Cadbury's chocolate with salmonella will not happen again.

The Birmingham-based company withdrew more than one million products after chocolate was contaminated at its plant in Marlbrook, Herefordshire.

Environmental health officers from Herefordshire Council have been investigating the cause.

They said measures taken by Cadbury should mean no recurrence.

The company first found traces of salmonella in some of its best-known chocolate bars in January, but waited another five months before it announced the outbreak.

Advice followed

The contamination was traced to a leaking pipe at the plant near Leominster and seven brands of chocolate were recalled in June.

Andy Tector, head of environmental health at the council, said: "Certainly Cadbury have taken on the advice that the Food Standards Agency and the Health Protection Agency produced back in June.

"We're certainly confident at this stage that there is no chance of that [contamination] happening again."

But he said it would take several more months before their investigations at the plant were completed.

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