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RSPCA criticises 'rabbit wedding'
Amy and Roberto
The two rabbits are both more than 3ft long
A stunt in which two giant rabbits were married in a mock wedding has been criticised by the RSPCA.

Continental Giant rabbits Roberto and Amy, who are both more than 3ft long, were dressed up in hats and veils.

But the animal charity called it "belittling" and said it sent out the wrong message about animals.

The rabbits' owner Annette Edwards, of Worcestershire, denied the ceremony at Wookey Hole in Somerset was cruel saying the rabbits were well cared for.

A bowler hat was placed on the head of Roberto, aged three, who is 3ft 6in long and is believed to be the biggest rabbit in the world.

These animals are totally spoilt and very well looked after
Annette Edwards, owner

Organisers dressed Amy in a mini veil and a wedding band was placed around her paw.

RSPCA spokeswoman Joanna Barr said: "We would be opposed to anything that would cause distress or suffering to animals and we are opposed to the dressing up of animals as it belittles them.

"This puts the wrong message across. Animals are not toys to be dressed up."

World's biggest

Rabbit-lover Ms Edwards, who runs the Bunnyland pet shop in Worcester, said: "These animals are totally spoilt and very well looked after.

"What is cruel is the large number of rabbits that are left uncared for in their hutches all over the country."

A spokesman for Wookey Hole Caves, which has hired the rabbits for the Easter period, said: "The ceremony is not cruel at all. The owner wouldn't have allowed the rabbits to be involved if it was."

The Guinness Book of Records previously confirmed that Roberto was the longest rabbit they had heard about.

But the organisation has stopped accepting records for large pets in an attempt to stop owners overfeeding their animals.

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