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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 February 2006, 10:20 GMT
Rally over live export of animals
Protestors against the live export of animals held demonstrations in Worcestershire and Kent on Saturday.

About 120 people gathered at the Eastern Harbour entrance in Dover where Kent Against Live Exports (KALE) held their monthly demonstration.

The rally coincided with an event to mark the death of protestor Jill Phipps who died in Coventry 11 years ago.

Campaigners congregated at the Malvern headquarters of the National Sheep Association and Beef Association.

In Dover, three people were arrested for causing an obstruction.

Worcestershire protestor Pauline Burgess said she believed the demonstrations are an opportunity to call for a permanent end to the trade.

Each year since Ms Phipps died while protesting against the export of live baby calves to the Netherlands from Coventry Airport, a national event has been held in her memory.

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