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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 January 2006, 17:16 GMT
Alarm at elderly housing changes
A Worcester housing association has angered residents with its plans to move sheltered accommodation wardens to a pooling system.

Worcester Community Housing plans to create a team of wardens at just three sites in the city in an attempt to update their old working structure.

Ron Chambers from the residents' association said it was important to have wardens on site.

The housing association said more carers would be on hand instead.

Nina Chinery from the association told BBC News: "Instead of one warden covering a site we will have three local community teams which will incorporate home visitors who will help care for elderly people living in their own homes."

But Mr Chambers said a recent case when a paramedic was called to one of the homes but had to wait for a warden to arrive to gain access was proof of the necessity of having on site care.

As part of the plan the association intends to have 14 full-time staff, 12 part-time, plus the existing eight home visitors.

The association hopes to start making the changes in April.


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