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Last Updated: Friday, 27 May, 2005, 07:47 GMT 08:47 UK
Foot-and-mouth clean-up ordered
A farmer has won a court order to force the government to remove waste left in the clean-up operation during the foot-and-mouth outbreak of 2001.

Kevin Feakins, from Hill Farm, near Llancloudy, Herefordshire, was among the first people in the UK to be affected by the disease.

He says a cull by the Department for Rural Affairs (Defra) left a lagoon of polluted water at his property.

Mr Feakins lost about 900 animals in the cull, to contain the outbreak.

The farmer was one of two people who unwittingly brought the disease south from Northumberland in early 2001.

About 600 sheep and 270 cattle had to be destroyed at Hill Farm.

Some people who live nearby have expressed their concerns about contaminated waste passing through their village.

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