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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 March, 2005, 15:07 GMT
Vandals driven away by loud tunes
Co-op store, Dines Green, Worcester
Vandals are deterred by the irritating music
A supermarket has used loud classical music to drive away gangs and vandals from its doorstep.

The Co-op in Dines Green, Worcester, opted for the music rather than employing security guards.

Taped music was specially produced for the Co-op and controlled by shop staff. They say it has already helped to stop youths gathering outside.

The store was part of a successful pilot project in "hot spot" areas which will be rolled out elsewhere.

The Co-op's Andy Pope said: "From the results we've had from our staff and managers, it would appear the youths don't like standing outside our stores listening to this kind of music."

Co-op stores in Bristol, Andover, and Flint in north Wales also took part in the pilot scheme which proved so successful that sound systems have now been installed at several other stores throughout the country.

Music to deter yobs by
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