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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 July, 2004, 15:10 GMT 16:10 UK
Invention targets meat smugglers
Airport security check
The software has been designed to prevent illegal meat imports
A Worcestershire company says it has invented software which enables customs officials to view luggage X-rays before aircraft land at their destinations.

The new technology invented by Cargo Images Ltd could help stop smugglers from getting banned substances such as raw meat through customs.

The software allows X-rays taken at the point of departure to be sent to a plane's destination during the flight.

The system aims to give Customs staff hours to examine incoming luggage.

I really do feel that this system can make a difference and make the world a safer place
Managing director Mike Lamb
Thousands of tons of so-called bush meat products are smuggled into the UK each year.

Regional development agency Advantage West Midlands, which helped to finance the project, said the detection system had undergone successful trials at an overseas airport and one in the UK.

Managing director Mike Lamb said: "Our process is great news for British farmers and the government who may still fear a repeat of the foot-and-mouth epidemic, which cost the country millions and was traced to an illegal meat import.

"The technology enables the identification of a wide range of items which are of interest to international governments and conservation groups.

"I really do feel that this system can make a difference and make the world a safer place."

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